Discovery server

A SERIN discovery server is a centralized index that stores a list of semantic interfaces and the host addresses that implements each interface.

The discovery server architecture is composed by four main components:

  • An index repository that maps semantic interfaces to their relative servers;
  • A search agent - a crawler that feed the index repository by crawling the Web trying to find web services that follows SERIN specification;
  • A manual consult module - an endpoint where human users can manually query the index;
  • An automatic query module - a set of available semantic web services for automatic agent query.

The automatic query module has two special methods. The method getInterfaceList returns a list of semantic interfaces the host implements given a host address. The method getHostList returns a list of hosts that implements a semantic interface, given the semantic interface.

As an example for the automatic query module, let us query for semantic interfaces that the host implements. The request call for this query is

An example of a request to a host list that implements a given interface is

In this URL, everything that is after getHostList/ is the interface URI.